ZumbaThon, more than social!!

ZumbaThon, more than social!!

Having as moto “Every step gives happiness”, Ekdromi tis agapis organizes a Zumba marathon, called Zumbathon. More than 60 Zumba instructors are going to make people shake their bodies for 3 hours on Saturday 9th of March at Athens Olympic Stadium.

Zumbathon Charity Events are organized by certified Zumba® Instructors in order to support philanthropic goals.

Ekdromi tis agapis is an NGO which organizes free trips for children who face financial or social problems. These trips aim to spread happiness to children who need it, teach them new things and offer them a great and unique experience.

So put your sneakers and wear comfortable clothes because you are going to dance and sweat a lot! Don’t miss it! It’s for a good cause!!

Entrance fee: 10 euros

The doors open at 16.00.


Greek Christmas Sweets!!!

Greek Christmas Sweets!!!

When it’s Christmas time all you can think of it’s the Christmas tree, the presents, Santa Claus, Rudolf and we all sing “Let it Snow”!!! Well…Greeks also crave for Melomakarona and Kourampiedes…!!!

These special sweets can be found only during the Christmas Holiday Season all around Greece, so do not miss the chance to taste them and why not bring some back to your home country as a type of a Greek Christmas treat 😉

Let’s have a sneak peak 😛


You can say that they are small honey cakes! They are mostly made of semolina, flour, oil and are usually flavored with orange and brandy. They are bathed in a sweet honey syrup and topped with chopped walnuts! There is also a version where they are covered with chocolate!!



 This is a type of a cookie which on the inside has almonds and is covered with icing sugar. Ok with A LOT of icing sugar to be honest!!!


This is also a typical Greek dessert, made of thin sheet-like dough. The dough is rolled into long, thin strips, fried and folded in hot oil and then dipped in honey syrup.They are usually topped with chopped nuts and cinnamon.Diples can be made in different shapes, of which the most common are spirals!

You can find all these sweets in bakeries,patisseries and even in the supermarkets!!!

Since you happened to be in Greece during the Holiday Season trying these sweets is definitely a MUST experience!!!

ps: They are very addictive…so be careful with them!

1st December, World Aids Day

1st December, World Aids Day

Tomorrow is the World aids Day. Basic information can save lives and let us enjoy sex without any limits!

HIV/AIDS is beyond doubt contagious but take note, only through fecal-oral route, blood, needles, blood transfusions, mother to fetus, wound-to-wound contact and most of all thru sexual contact. It is transmittable in nature and not a genetic viral or genetic deformity.

The factors that HIV is most likely transmittable are:

no aids

  1. Through sexual activity between inflicted person
  2. By blood to blood transfusion
  3. From inflicted pregnancy to her fetus

You must avoid, unprotected sex that are oral, anal and heterosexual sex, blood exposure, transplacental contagion, childbirth transmission and breastfeeding from inflicted person.


However, there is much hearsay on HIV, but here are some basic proven FACTS you must be aware of:

  • HIV cannot contaminate through mere casual touching like, handshaking and hugging
  • HIV cannot contaminate you by using a public phone, drinking fountain, restroom, swimming pool, Jacuzzi or on hot tubs.
  • HIV cannot be taken from shared drinks, coughing and sneezing from a person inflicted to it.
  • HIV cannot be transmitted by donating blood.
  • HIV cannot infect you by mosquito or insects bites.

no aidsHIV contamination is generally through body fluid exchanges like, blood, semen, saliva, and vaginal secretion. Always avoid all forms of unsafe sexual intercourse whether oral, vaginal or anal or with HIV credible individual. On sexual activity either orally, you must use latex condom for you not to be exposed of the risk. Always remember that pre-ejaculation fluid can transmit the virus and can be absorbed into the thin mucous linings of the mouth. To reduce the threats, acquire safe sex practices, the ecstasy cannot eventually pay the harm done on you.

There’s much more than Pita Gyros in this life…

There’s much more than Pita Gyros in this life…

OK guys, we know that you LOVE PITA but there are so many other greek delicacies that you can try in almost every place that you buy the pitas! There are plenty of other stuff to choose from the menu that you have no idea about, simply because “it all seems greek to you…”

So we are here to let you know what all these things in the menu are, that have no translation in english!!!


  • Tirokafteri- Τυροκαυτερή
    A more spicy dip made from Feta cheese & red peppers!

Meat ( usually in a portion for 1-2 people max. )

  • Kontosouvli-Κοντοσούβλι
    Consists of large chunks of pork meat which are marinated first and then skewered and secured by a rod/spit and slow-roasted over a charcoal pit.

    The result is just perfect! Definitely a MUST! ( my favorite 😉 )

  • Kokoretsi-Κοκορέτσι
    It’s a dish also very common in Turkey, consisting mainly of lamb or goat intestines,hearts,lungs or kidneys.The ingredients are sliced and seasoned with lemon, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper.The filling meats are threaded onto a long skewer and wrapped with the intestine to hold them together.

    It maybe sounds a bit disgusting but the taste is far from that! ( the best part is the outside layer…at least for most Greeks :P)

  • Skepasti-Σκεπαστή
    The exact translation in English means covered and makes perfect sense! Imagine the meat of your choice ( usually pork or chicken gyros) with cheese, lettuce & sauce all covered up with pita bread!Usually it is served on a dish.

Other Skewers ( usually you can also have them inside a pita!)

  • Kotobacon-Κοτομπέικον
    It’s a skewer of chicken wrapped with slices of bacon.!
  • Loukaniko-Λουκάνικο
    The Greek sausage. Usually with a characteristic flavor from the herbs-spices inside!
  • Bifteki-Μπιφτέκι
    A different kind of a meatball, equally delicious plus bigger in size!

We advise you to always have tzatziki along with the meat, as a dip!!!

Please let us know when you try any of them and of course give us your feedback !!!!

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South Pole Temperatures in Athens?!

South Pole Temperatures in Athens?!

 Ice Station Antarctica!

That’s the exhibition that the “Hellenic Cosmos” is hosting until February 2013.The exhibition”Ice Station Antarctica” comes from the Natural History Museum of London and, through various challenges and activities, transports visitors to the coldest continent on the planet.Experience the climate & the life conditions of Antarctica!

Wow that’s what I call an amazing exhibition!!!

Ticket Price : 6 euros

Exhibition Hours

Monday-Thursday: 09:00-13:30

Friday: 09:00-20:00

Saturday: 11:00-16:00

Sunday: 10:00-18:00

For more Information please check the website of the exhibition in English: http://ime.gr/exhibitions/antarctica/en/

14th Comics Festival

14th Comics Festival

What is the limit of the strength of materials?

What happens if we reach or overtake it?

Here is the 14th Comics Festival.

2-11 November in Athens


Where?? Plateia theatrou 3, near Psiri

(Metro station: Monastiraki & Omonia)

When?? Monday-Friday: 14:00-23:00

Saturday & Sunday: 12:00-00:00

Tickets?? Daily: 3 euro

For all 10days: 6 euro


Kiss for a good reason and you might be lucky ;)


Our dearest erasmus students!

The ESN Athens AUEB Blog Team is back with the second post of the semester! The Blog Team is a group of ESN Athens AUEB members that want to give you the chance to integrate in the greek culture through various ways!

And what forms a better way than… MUSIC!?! But not traditional greek music, as you might have guessed! Come on.. This is TOO mainstream! What about greek alternative and indie greek music? On the 26th and 27th of October LET ME KNOW – The Alternative Festival takes place in Athens for the first time and rumor has it it’s going to be a B L A S T ! ! !

Are you a fan of Swing / Rock / Alternative / Electro music? Then this is your chance to have an insight on the greek side of it! During the festival both greek-lyrics and english-lyrics bands will perform their best songs in one of the nicest double floor venues in Athens, in Mezzanine. Wanna join the festival? One-day tickets cost 10€ and two day tickets cost 15€. You can buy the tickets the days of the festival at the entrance of the venue!

ATTENTION ! ! ! The Blog Team of ESN Athens AUEB secured for you TWO FREE DOUBLE TICKETS to attend one of the two days of the Festival with a friend! How will the tickets be distributed?

TICKET #1: Are you willing to pay for a kiss and for a good cause? Join us at the Kiss-Booth Party by ESN Athens AUEB and enter the draw to win a free double ticket to the coolest greek alternative music festival of 2012 ! Every time you pay for a kiss you enter the draw, so the more times you enter the draw, the more chances you have to win the ticket!
TICKET #2: Are you willing to be a volunteer-kisser? Fill your name in the Kiss-Booth Volunteer form and enter the draw to win a free double ticket to the coolest greek alternative music festival of 2012 !

Our sweetest kisses,

the ESN Athens AUEB Blog Team Xx

PS: LET ME KNOW – The Alternative Festival // facebook page: http://goo.gl/xhw5S

Nutella breakfast(in 10′)

Nutella breakfast(in 10′)

Hi there erasmus people,

I woke up today at 11:30 and I was starving. I opened my fridge and I saw a jar full of nutella and slices of toast. I was considering about spreading the nuttela at the toasts. This was the easy way, I thought, so I called my best friend Angela who is really a good cook especially for breakfast and nutella stuff. So here is how you can transform nutella and bread to a delicious and fancy breakfast.

8 slices of toast

Nutella (as much as you want J )

One banana (or a fruit of your preference)

3 eggs

Half a cup of milk



Spread as much nutella  as you desire  at each slice of toast. Cut the banana into slices and place them in 4 of the 8 slices, over the nutella. Close the sandwiches. In a bowl, pour milk, eggs and cinnamon and whisk them with a fork. Grease lightly a deep pan with butter or olive oil, on medium heat. Dip the sandwich in the mixture. Don’t keep it in the mixture for a life time, just for few seconds  :p . Put them in the pan and cook it from both sides until it becomes slightly browned.

Enjoy your breakfast!!

Sorry for the photo but I couldn’t hold myself not to eat a piece of my creation before taking the photo. It was so delicious. Try that recipe and you will see 😉

If you like it just let me know. I will ask my friend Angela for more nutella recipes.

Baby there’s no goodbyes!


Dear Erasmus people,

This semester we have laughed, cried ( from happiness of course), been to a lot of trips together, met awesome people from all over the world and lived a lot of crazy moments! 🙂

However, all good things come to an end, and this Friday it’s time to say goodbye..

But don’t be sad, cause this is not the end! You can always meet your friends again, you can still organize trips together and reunion in some place of the world! Remember, life is about memories, and Erasmus definitely is one of the best experiences in our life! So whenever you feel sad, think about all the beautiful moments of your Erasmus, and you’ll see how blessed you are to have lived this amazing experience!


And of course if you still want to live the Erasmus life, you can join the ESN section of your city, like we did, and keep on discovering new places and meeting new people from all over the world! 🙂

So don’t forget, this Friday our Goodbye party, where we’ll have lots of surprises for everyone 🙂

The winner of the photo competition will be announced, and they will be awarded with their gift!

And don’t forget to be dressed in white t-shirt, then you can have it written from your friends, to remember our last party! 🙂


Be there! 

Can you fit in your suitcase??????

Can you fit in your suitcase??????

Isn’t it amazing how fast time can fly? Especially when you are having a good time…

January is almost over, and most of you are already done with your exams. Even worse some of your friends have already left Athens. Time has come to a point that you need to take action; you must do something really crucial that you have been trying to postpone it and i am sure you will postpone it for a couple more days…

Oh, what did you think? I am not talking about goodbyes! For God’s shake, Europe is the tiniest continent of them all, OF COURSE YOU WILL MEET AGAIN!!!!!!!!

I was talking about PACKING!!!

Now, don’t be scared; I know your luggage seems too small, and that all the stuff you want to take with you seem way to many. And trust me, I know how hard this “20-kg limitation” can be!!!! But you don’t to worry 😉  You just need to separate your stuff in two main categories: Things I DO want and things I do NOT want. But, please, DO NOT throw away anything for any reason!!!


ESN KAPA Athens and ESN NTUA Athens started a project so that you could give your stuff to the next Erasmus students who will come to Athens in the near future! They will be really thankful and will drink water in your name as we say in Greece!!! 😀

More info at http://www.esnkapa.org/athens/content/give-next




After you are done with all your stuff you don’t need (kitchen ware etc), select all the clothes that you don’t need or you would throw away either way, and take them to ESN TEI Piraeus. At the end of February all the collected clothing will be donated to the Homeless Foundation of the Municipality of Athens.

More info at http://www.facebook.com/events/199933453425268/


Sweet, huh? No it s easier to pack and you gave a little something back to the society 😉